50. Oh, Bullet Points Are Fun!

Whoo, fifty posts and all that jazz. Yay. Shame I’m not in a mood to celebrate, more in a mood to drink and listen to comforting music. I am doing that now.

I promise I won’t whine about money and housing but  since that’s all that’s on my mind I wont be able to coherent interesting thoughts about other, less infuriating topics.  So this is going to ramble a little bit. And probably be short (insert sex life joke here). But I will try and list some thoughts that have passed through my murky brain today.

  • Xbox needs more old-school RPG’s like Vandal Hearts
  • I need a new guitar and mic to play Rockband – sucks.
  • The Strokes are really good. Why don’t I have their albums?
  • Artic Monkeys are like the Strokes, according to a Youtube comment, might be some truth behind that.
  • Marilyn Manson’s video to Long Hard Road Out of Hell is scary
  • Scottish people call all their friend’s cunts when in the pub
  • Chocolate fairy cakes are tasty, but if you eat too many you will get toothache
  • Tumblr is fun. Should I move this blog across? Can’t decide yet.

Oh yeah, I set up a tTumblr account, check it out here.

Tomorrow will involve more cohesive thoughts and less alcohol based winging.


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