51. Holburn, No More!

It’s amazing how you can go from the depths of despair to adrenaline filled joy in just 24 hours. The transformation was down to a wonderful, loving girlfriend and expertly helpful, understanding parents. I’m not saying I’m out of the water but I now know the way to the surface… if that makes any sense.

The only option ahead of us is moving out of the flat. Something that we were planning to do this year but not on such short notice. We have to get our names down on the housing lists and look for a smaller, cheaper, and probably nicer flat than this one to rent in the meantime. Preferably in the village as well. This, however, is obviously not going to be as easy as it sounds. I would love it if by some freak chance there was a perfect flat free and we could phone Holburn and tell them to go fuck themselves, but realistically we will have to wait until something decent comes up.

In the meantime we have lots to do: phone calls aplenty, packing to be done in preparation, money to be saved, all alongside other usual distractions. But strangely I am excited. Excited for change. Having a blank canvas to start over again, a new place to explore and make our own. If things go well then come summertime, and more importantly my 25th birthday, we could be better off than we are now.

It will be scary though, we have to grow up very fast and deal with our first real adult grown up people problems. I mean, we have been through things that very few couples have, and have come out stronger than most, but we’ve never had to deal with houses and rent increases and all that malarkey. I might even be getting back to working, which is good, yet I know the tediousness will kick in. But I am just so looking forward to change. I wish I could just press a button and appear at the other side of it, though.

Anyway, enough ramblings. My mind is literally abuzz with the chatter of thoughts, all fighting to be dealt with first. A shower. You shall be dealt with first.


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