52. Chasing Threads

Today has been hectic. Phone calls here, talking to people there, tidying everywhere. And, after all that was done, playing and completing a game that is WAY overdue for reviewing (thank you Neil). But I have now completed it and will be penning my thoughts tomorrow morning. I’m actually looking forward to writing this one as it’s been an interesting experience – lots of positives, lots of negatives and a heap of nostalgia on top.

The housing situation had been a mix of good and bad, with a few options being closed down and a few others being opened up. Tomorrow I will be chasing up 4 possible flats, one of which would be ideal as it’s right above a butchers so noise would not be an issue. But we do not know if it’s free, and even if it is, how affordable is it? So that’s a maybe. Two more will involve trips to Estate Agents and one is a pure freak lucky chance that they have a free flat.

What today has taught me is you have to be bold. You have to be direct and just ask people. Something that I tended to shy away from, often ignoring problems until they become all encompassing behemoths. But this is supposed to be the new us, right? We’re going to get on top of our shit.

Gaming articles will be back soon, it’s just that housing is on my mind, yo.


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