Holt shit, it’s after midnight and I’m still drinking beer. Been up at a family “party” watching the Wales vs France game and partaking in some festivities. Nice way to end a stressful week. Should not have kept drinking beer though. Just feeling stressed and enjoying the release. I have fallen behind in my #oneaday articles as well, with two to do to be even. I was considering jacking it in today, on multiple occasions, but I’ve decided to give it one last throw of the dice. Who knows? If I can nail these two catch up articles, both of which I have good ideas for, then I might be back in the game.

I’ve also been playing hellish amounts of Skate 2 online, the only game my head has been able to get around this week. Today though, I knuckled down and fought my way through the AvP campaigns for a Nidzumi review. I’m on the last Predator mission, finished the Alien one (which was great) and have the majority of the Marine campaign to do – I left this because it’s too scary for me.

Considering watching a film and polishing off the remaining beers, not sure what though, I have a few I’ve not seen but might settle on something familiar. There is a ton of films that I’ve not seen from last year, a lot I’ve found from looking through Roger Eberts reviews. I won’t lie and say I’ll buy them on DVD, because I don’t have the money, I’ll probably download them then buy the ones that stand out, which knowing me will be quite a few.

Not been up to that much else this week, just deciding what to do with the whole housing thing. I think we’re going to stay here in the meantime while we try to get a house through the council. If this happens then we will save a hell of a lot of money and be under someone reliable. I would also love a garden as we have never had one. Well, we have one at the moment, but it is tiny and locked away at the back corner of a shared 4-in-a-block-flat complex so we don’t really use it.

Oh, 2 minutes to go, what to talk about. I’ve quite enjoyed this exercise, it’s perfect for this time of night when you just want to get something out there but can’t focus on an individual topic. I’ll try to not rely on them too much though, preferring to use my tumblr option, which I should have utilised these past few days. Silly me.

Shit, times up.


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