55. Excite-o-meter: Skate 3 (part 1)

Excited would be an understatement. I will literally explode with joy up on booting up this game. With every trailer and pro video it builds within me. The newest one to whet my whistle has been this one here:

I think I’m more excited about skating the Downtown area but this video shows some really smooth animations. That seems to be the biggest change since Skate 2 and I’m perfectly happy with this as the game does not need tons of new tricks, just upgrade and improve what you have, then add a few key new tricks – don’t do what Tony Hawk did.

The video also features a quick glimpse of the new Fun Track, a place where I have, and still do, spend far too much time. The one big issue that has emerged has been the announcement of regions and not one huge city. Which on the surface does sound a bit bad, but if Cuz is telling the truth, and each region is massive, then who cares? More to skate equals more longevity, no?

I cannot wait, as I have already said, but Fuck it. It’s going to be great. Hopefully.

Oh, and you can view more videos here.

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