56. Lazy Sunday?

I haven’t had one, not in the slightest. Woke up at 10 and was off lifting heavy freezers and strange electrical equipment by 11. There was a purpose to the lifting, it wasn’t some kind of strange Scottish Sunday morning fitness routine. Kevin, (Sarah’s brother) and I were taking some stuff to the dump for a family friend and we even took a car and a half of junk from the flat as well, which has really freed up some space.

When we got back from the third trip I made a smashing fry up of a pile of sausages, bacon, beans, fried egg and toast. Brilliant. The copious calorie consumption and fresh air really blew the cob webs away, of which there were a few after the 4am bed.

After the feast we put some other junk, including 2 christmas trees, into the attic. We actually found a pretty nice veneer table that’s now in our bedroom. Score. Then (I know, even more, shocking) me and Sarah cleaned up some clothes in the bedroom, changed bed sheets and moved some furniture.

Tonight is going to be relaxing as I am bloody knackered. I may have a shot of Skate 2 with Damo and possibly watch a movie. Lovely.

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