Why do people thrive on confrontation? Whether it’s the real world or the online world, I just don’t get it. I have got in my fair amount of futile online arguments, mostly when I first started playing and actually spoke to random players in my team, imagine that! The only time I argue now is when I hear something so wrong and unjust that I have no option not to throw my spit into the wind.

Real world confrontations, on the other hand, are something I avoid. Always have done, always will do. I’m not a fan of fighting unless I have a pad in my hand, and through this I have developed a strong fight detector, always seeming to seep away into the background when I sense trouble brewing in pubs. 

But my question is simple: why do people seek out confrontation? I went down the street for toilet toll, tobacco, chocolate and Grolsch (I had a healthy tea, honest) only to be berated by twats wasting their time and petrol by standing around on the street corner. As I walked past one of them, the pack leader, said 

A’ll gee wan ae you a tenner if u kin hit ‘im on tha heed wae that baw

Ok, ok, they did not sound like that, I am not from Glasgow, but it does further my point and make me sound like an absolute gent. I stared at the afore mentioned twat as I walked past, letting him know that I was not going to react but I was not going to ignore him either. When I came wealking past on my way home he was stading there with his one large black ball in his hand. I clocked him and kept walking only to hear the ball bounce past me after what must have been a really fucking limp wristed throw. He followed with  a comment about going home to my bed or something (?), don’t really know what he was trying to convey.

Did I say anything? No. Should I have? Maybe, but my common sense clocked three of them and one of me. Although saying that, one of them could have probably dealt with me.

Why did he have to do that, though? What does he get out of it? At least in the online world trollers are looked down upon and scorned by the masses with no fear of fist based reprisal.

I don’t think I will ever work it out, but at least I’m cosy, warm, spending time with people I care about rather than cold, skint and butt fucking ugly.


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