Weekend Musings

I’ve used ‘musings’ too much in my headers. Must use a theasuarus… thesaurus… and a dictionary. I’ve already kind-of failed my #oneaday restart, but to be fair, this has been the most brilliantly busy weekend. If only I had my Tumblr set up to email updates, then I would have been able to fire up some on-the-go photos, and the likes.


The morning was spent firing some work out before heading away to Glasgow to see the brilliantly crass Stephen Lynch. Yes, his songs are about AIDS and the likes but I love him. Highlight of the show was the amazing vocals of his friend, Joburg (David Josefsburg). We were in stitches with his first song, and thanks to the amazing YouTube, you can view THAT performance right now:

Oh, and one more video, my favourite Lynch song, D&D, again from the gig:

Great gig, almost ruined by annoying drunk ‘weegies and a woman, sat behind me, with the most guttural laugh.


After a mammoth sleep to catch up from the travelling and laughing that was Friday, it was time to write a review. Then I had to hammer through some housework before going to the pub to celebrate a birthday and watch Scotland draw (should have won) against England. I came back after 5 pints to Sarah’s brother, Kevin, who was staying the weekend. I did plan to write a quick misspelled update but I fell asleep on the couch. Damn afternoon drinking.


Kevin was still here and we had the mighty task of repairing a couch ahead of us. Thanks to his excellent craftsmanship and my stout advice we had that baby sorted in no time. A quick fry-up then we went adventuring into the countryside, first visiting a flooded quarry up in the hills, then heading to a small dam. Although I found a purple golf ball at the quarry, which was nice, the real highlight came at the dam. We found this:

This tunnel ran directly into the hillside and under the reservoir, eventually leading up a ladder to a platform in the middle of the water. We could not go that far as it was pitch black and did not want to risk breaking our legs. But next week, however, we’re taking torches and snacks as we plan to go all the way (into the tunnel that is… the stone one in the pictures).

Once Kevin left my cousin showed up for some FIFA. That passed a few hours before I had to partake in the Sunday ritual that is Skate 2 until the wee hours with Damo.

So as you can see, a very busy weekend. This week should be quieter, besides writing and gaming, so I’ll be updating regularly.  Now, to bed…


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