Rockband Will Leave Me In Ruin

I bought a microphone this week and tested it on Rockband 2 last night; it sure beats the headset. The only problem with my performance was sobriety, as I generally only sing post-pub when my inhibitions are reduced and I can really go for it. This makes reviewing Lips an interesting conundrum as it may turn me into an alcoholic (joke).

I had a look at the Rockband Network and there is some good stuff on there, but I don’t really know what it is? Is it just another store or is there some sort of user control over it? I am confused.

I bought Australia by the Shins and, seeing how it was St. Patrick’s Day, Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly. Although after purchasing these with the meagre slice of MP I had left on my account, I went to the store and saw the amount of excellent tracks they have added since my last visit. I seriously could spend in excess of 2000 MP but I won’t; not in one go, anyway.

So tonight I am going to watch the Liverpool game then go and add some points to my account and pick up some more songs to really warm my vocals up for Gloria Gaynor and Lips. Bring it!


4 thoughts on “Rockband Will Leave Me In Ruin

  1. The Rock Band Network, the bands make the songs Rock Band ready themselves and get a bigger cut of the royalties when it sells.

    I have only bought 2 songs, Tribute by Tenacious D and Journeys original Don’t Stop Believing. Both for Rock Band.

    I have way too many of these games, Guitar Hero World Tour, Metallica, Van Halen, Smash/Greatest Hits, 5, Band Hero, Rock Band, The Beatles, LEGO, and Lips. The trouble is that with only a few good songs on each one, and no export/import features, especially Lips, you spend half the time waiting for another game to load. At least it’s an excuse to go and get another drink…

    If you haven’t got Rock Band 1 borrow it and export the songs. You don’t need a code, you just need to pay a few points. Also, I didn’t know until 6 months after I got Rock Band 2 that a cheat code could unlock loads more songs!!

  2. That is a mightily impressive list. I have Rockband 2 (I had the original and imported the songs) and Guitar Hero III. I was considering renting the rest but like you say, they’re the kind of games I want to dip in and out of regularly, rather than blast through them in one sitting.

    I have bought quite a few songs off of Rockband and Tribute is on my to-buy list tonight. Although I did not spot Journey and now I really bloody want it – see how expensive this is going to be?

    But all these purchases seem to be a good investment as you will (hopefully) be able to export them into future RB games, creating a massive catalogue of music. Right?

  3. Yeah, some of the RB1 songs work in LEGO Rock Band, but the DLC I have doesn’t. This is really due to the “theme” of the songs. Once Rock Band 3 appears the RB2 songs will be exportable too.

    Annoying thing is, as I have promo copies of most of the GH/RB games they don’t come with the instruction book which has the code needed for export!! I’m glad my other half has her own gamertag otherwise she would be spending all my points!!

    If you are still to buy points check eBay. Although it might be a pound more than those points sites at least you’re covered if the code doesn’t arrive in your inbox.

    Oh, and maybe this: – A list of the songs are here:

  4. A side note, Lips will be with you soon……..haven’t got to the post office yet 🙂

    I adore rhythm games/karaoke games. My list is the same as Russell’s, it is my vice. I think I’ve spent over 5000 points on songs over the time I’ve owned the games…….I mean who would pass up Ice Ice baby on Lips for 140MP?

    Not me, that’s for sure……..”Check out the hook while the DJ revolves it”

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