Reach Excitement Train – Day 2

Big day today. Lots of competitions getting announced/ending. Lots of codes have been fired into my page but I’m always too late. I know that I’m not going to win but I have to keep trying. Why? Because I’m sad, that’s why.

It’s out on  Monday for Christ sake. It’s just the knowledge of early codes that is driving me crazy. If I was never on Twitter and was just living oblivious, playing Halo and having fun, then I would not care. Oh well. I just want to play Reach. Proper fanboy jealousy now.
In other BIG news today, Bungie have joined Activision, and I’ll admit that I winced when I first read it. But when I read the contract and saw that Bungie hold the rights to the new IP then I relaxed. I probably would not have cared if it was not for the whole Infinity Ward scandal that’s going on.
Regardless of where Bungie go and what they do, I know for a fact that I will be behind them, ready to queue at ridiculous hours and spend money I don’t have on legendary editions. I’m going to do this because I admire their work and trust in their decisions.
This has turned into a bit of a love-in, hasn’t it. Oh well, what else can you expect, Halo is on my mind. Might have to knock myself out to get through this LONG weekend.

Reach Excitement Train

Are you on it yet? I’ve had my seat booked since last year, right up front by the driver so I can watch out the window. And let me tell you people, the view is incredible.

I’m not going to post everything that’s been exciting me as there is just too much – new medals, heftier guns, improved sound – but the one thing I am going to post is this, the new Bnet Service Record:

Sleek, right? The best addition is the game-by-game view of your K/D and win ratio. It makes it easier to see streaks of good/bad and maybe even find a way to improve.  I’m sure if I looked back at a run of post-pub games at 2am I would see a definite drop. Although my sniping seems to improve when drunk, maybe because I just don’t care and try stupid shots, but that’s a post for another day.

The medals at the top must be the profile medals that Bungie talked about to G4TV awhile back. I like them, as long as I can still view our complete medal chest and brag about how many multikills I have. Both would make me very, very happy.

5 days to go. Cannot wait. I will post something Halo related here each day in the run up to the beta. Hopefully you’ll join me on my train. Choo-Choo etc.