Reach Excitement Train – Day 2

Big day today. Lots of competitions getting announced/ending. Lots of codes have been fired into my page but I’m always too late. I know that I’m not going to win but I have to keep trying. Why? Because I’m sad, that’s why.

It’s out on  Monday for Christ sake. It’s just the knowledge of early codes that is driving me crazy. If I was never on Twitter and was just living oblivious, playing Halo and having fun, then I would not care. Oh well. I just want to play Reach. Proper fanboy jealousy now.
In other BIG news today, Bungie have joined Activision, and I’ll admit that I winced when I first read it. But when I read the contract and saw that Bungie hold the rights to the new IP then I relaxed. I probably would not have cared if it was not for the whole Infinity Ward scandal that’s going on.
Regardless of where Bungie go and what they do, I know for a fact that I will be behind them, ready to queue at ridiculous hours and spend money I don’t have on legendary editions. I’m going to do this because I admire their work and trust in their decisions.
This has turned into a bit of a love-in, hasn’t it. Oh well, what else can you expect, Halo is on my mind. Might have to knock myself out to get through this LONG weekend.

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