Rise, my child.

Feel the words flow through you.

This is your resurrection.


Yes, once again I have left my little corner of the internet to gather dust like a lonely leftover VHS tape. But I am back for at least today. I’m making one more push to keep this baby going and keep it updated with content, waffle and general shite.

What makes this different to previous attempts is the fact that I have gutted, refurnished and utilised an old laptop that’s been stuck on the shelf beside the VHS tape, dust and all. So now I can tip-tap away from the comfort of my leather couch, ignoring the shiny distractions of tweetdeck and the motivation it eats up.

I have been writing a lot, just not here, but over there. At lesson6, the alternative, cliché free hip-hop blog that SamGamesGraphicDesignerMorris and I set up. I have been frightfully negligent in my duties for the past two weeks, namely thanks to the health of myself and others, but I’m back now and just in time for my 3 weeks in charge while our mighty leader pisses off to the States – and I do hope he has fun.

So how’s that for a catch up?


2 thoughts on “Rebirth

    • You better believe it! I have a few pieces going up this week, not here though, elsewhere. I’ll be sure to pimp them here 😀

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