26: M.I.A

I missed my post last night and almost missed today as I have been preparing the flat for a guest who is coming down for 4 nights. I will strive to post something up, probably in the morning or early afternoons.

UPDATE: Failed in putting this update up and I’m jus going to bed, GOD knows what the next few days holds.

Sorry and I love you all.


25: Foot The Ball!

I think I have a serious problem. I only used to do it the odd time and even then it was only if there was nothing better to do. I usually always did it on the weekends though, sometimes with friends. But now I find myself doing it at all the time, every time there’s a window of opportunity then there I am. Even when there is no chance I’m talking about it and thinking about it. Jesus…

When did football become so important to me?

I supported Rangers as a kid, still do when they’re in Europe and in the Old Firm, but I got tired of the SPL and all the local bullshit you got from both sets of Old Firm supporters. Then I enjoyed my time as a casual supporter, just enjoying football and falling in love with the premiership. Over time I started feeling a bit of a connection with Liverpool. Watching their games every chance I could, following the scores on sports websites when I couldn’t.

It’s only in the last year that I’ve blossomed into a full blown addict. Now I actively follow transfer periods, even caring about who goes where in Europe. I follow far too many football bloggers and reporters on Twitter. I stream games live on the internet, I watch a couple of games at the weekend, I watch Soccer AM and Final Score. What’s happened to me?

I already have too many passions to actively manage. Important inteclectual things like reading have been pushed aside. “I don’t have the patience anymore to just sit in silence and read” I say, for her to answer “You watched football for two hours earlier!”

All I know is I would never go back. I don’t want to be a die hard, boring fan, but I do love being a bit of a nerd about it.


I was on a good productive streak today. I put up two posts for lesson6, found something for the Lazy Sunday post, started a review and found my next review, but then I stumbled onto Reddit. What a mistake. And through a comment on a post I found a sub reddit called /redditsotries.

This has links to amazing stories from comment threads, entire threads, or even other websites. Obviously you have to wonder how many of them are real, and checking the further comments will always show someone crying “fake, but I’m an optimist and I like to think that these great acts of kindness and laughter are actually true.

Although there are many that I have read and enjoyed, the one that gripped me the most was an account of someone’s complete lack of justice and his resulting time in the American prison system. And it was’t even from Reddit!

Be prepared when you click this link, as it is very, very long: How I went to prison, escaped, got caught, and rescued a kitten.

23: Kinder Eggs Are Too Safe!


What in the hell happened to my youth? Remember the phrase that your mum no doubt preached many a time, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye?” Well thanks to today’s PC packaging you couldn’t even do it if you tried.

Kinder eggs have brackets, you cant pop them anymore. You cant shoot them across the room at an unsuspecting friend. It’s harder to fill one half with blu-tack and create a top spinner thing; just me?

And Smarties are the worst. Cardboard tubes with little cardboard bracket hats. They used to be firearms, I’m surprised schools didn’t ban them. I was a crack-shot with them; hitting people on the run; banking them off walls; mortar firing people behind PC monitors.

Now what are kids supposed to do? Yes, the packaging is more functional, impressive, but it’s not as lethal. I give it six months before the Government start demanding Flakes to come with warning labels as the dusty chocolate remnants could blind you.

22: Kill With Unbelievable Tekkers



The demo dropped onto the marketplace with a mighty thud, causing explosions to erupt all over the world as people rushed to their Xbox’s to see if Cliffy’s hype was validated (as long as it’s better than Gears of War 2).

I downloaded it in record time and jumped in to be greeted with a barking, foul-mouthed, bearded, muscle-bound space pirate. He Showed me the game mechanics and it’s many skill kills before firing through a quick synopsis of the story. That alone should sum up what we have here.

And I really don’t mind.

It’s as balls through the wall as the trailers portrayed it. My first run through was great fun, I was happy with it. Then I saw the score and saw my only friend listed ahead of me. “One more go?” The question was not needed as I was already nailing my first phyco to the wall after wrapping explosives round his neck, grappling him towards me then booting him to his fate.

It’s fast, hectic, surprisingly beautiful, and very possibly hopelessly addictive. My third run-through presented more skill kills and combos, and I just wanted more guns and levels to play with. The only worry is will the levels be customisable enough to make multiple play-throughs fun? Even if they aren’t the online should make up for it. All I know is I’m now excited for Bulletstorm. Sorry, BULLETSTORM!!

21: LAN (Laughter And… N something)

I’ve got a LAN on the 9th of February and it could not come sooner. Last one I had was in the Summer and it was a blast. It’s not going to be on the same scale as some of my friends recent ones – My friend Callum hired out a gym hall, it was ridiculous – but the fact that it’s local and we’re all friends makes it all the better.

I think there’s eight people coming and possibly six TV’s and Xbox’s, all set up back to back down the middle of my mate’s flat. Halo Reach will be the main game, with L4D, FIFA and a bunch of arcade games being played as the night goes on. Throw in large amounts of food, a big take-away order, and a few crates of beer then you have a good day.

I drank a little too much last time, something I am definitely not doing as there was nowhere to sleep and recover, making for an unpleasant morning. So this time I’m planning to sober up and stay up all night until the bus home. Should be more fun that way.

I think the funniest thing we did last LAN was creating different tags for each game. They were based on movies, games, each other, and they were all very infantile. But that’s why we were laughing, of course.

Anybody else have any LAN days on the cards? Any funny memories?

20: Spoken words an’ That.

I’d like to say that I have a love for spoken word but I don’t. I have a love for the few spoken word artists that I have come across but I haven’t bothered to research new ones or see anyone live.The first time I ever encountered someone was on a briefly lived music and poetry show called One Taste. And the artist was Polarbear (Twitter: @homeofpolar).

There’s more on his Youtube page as well as his site.

From that same show, and the same show as Polarbears rendition of Jessica, I discovered Inua Ellams. He is very different in style but brilliant, none the less.

What made me dredge up my interest was the new internet phenomenon, George Watsky, and his almost three million viewed video, Pale kid Raps Fast.

Now I like hip-hop and I appreciate his speedy delivery, near perfect pronunciation, and the personality he displays. Now imagine how happy I was to discover that not only does he have an album out but he also is a bit of a slam poetry God, as you can see from his other youtube videos, like this one below.

Hope some of you enjoy this.