002: Inspire me, Comrades

105 people. One hundred and five. That’s a lot, for those who aren’t very good with numbers.

I was a little shocked when I first found out how many people are attempting the oneaday project. Then I was actually a little disheartened. You see last year there was only a small amount when I was involved, enough that you could keep up to date with the majority and still feel like your being read. Thus my first panic was that no one would find the good stuff, people would be forgotten and I would lose a little hope.

But those fears have been routed and now I march on (playing AoE – sorry) with confidence. This is thanks to the work of our general, Pete Davidson, and his work with the portal site and the Twitter account. These make reading the other 104 blogs relatively easy and even help secure the likes of little old me some hits from strangers and not just friends. This is good!

So when I came to write this post – a little late, yes, but it’s my Dad’s birthday – I got distracted by the main site and must have read 8 or 9 posts, all doing something a little different and massaging my creativity in varying ways. I now know that this is going to become a trend.

Leave a little bit of time to glance through our fellow comrades work, you never know what might inspire you.

Now I have to get back to conquering the AoE, God knows what the peasants are getting up to.


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