003: Liverpoop

Ain’t football brilliant? Not if your a Liverpool fan anyway, which I am. This season has seen some of the most turgid performances both on and off the field. The most obvious blame goes to Uncle Woy Hodgson, the newly appointed manager, who on paper looks like a worthy  replacement to Rafa. Sadly it just hasn’t worked out for him, and for us, the fans.

His signings have been flops, with Konchesky failing to wow the fans despite coming across like a decent chap. His mum openly bashing “scouse cunts” on her facebook page hasn’t really done him any help. Poulsen has just been… what has he been doing? Nothing horrible, no game losing errors, just a lack of dominance in midfield, giving the ball away regularly and failing to control the play. So just a little shit really. You can’t bash Cole too much as he was free, even thought he hasn’t done anything yet besides score a possibly offside goal last weekend.

My main issue with Hodgson is his lack of confidence that he seems to have instilled into the players as well as the fans. Let’s be honest here, the team he has is not great, but it’s not 3-1 loss to Blackburn bad. He seems to be playing them in a way that just isn’t working; dropping deep instead of pressing; and with a no-confidence Torres up front you can’t expect him to play the lone striker well, he needs support, namely another striker who can take some of the pressure away from him.

So I want Hodgson out. I worry about the damage he will do if we give him another 6 months. We need to work hard, buy in some players, and get up the table. Europe would be amazing but I know it’s not going to happen. I just want to stop any more of our top quality players leaving, but maybe that’s inevitable now. Who knows?

But, and here’s the exciting point, this is a fantastic season of football for the casual observer. Anyone can win, and everyone is losing. I’m loving it. It helps when Liverpool lose (again) that I have confidence in the knowledge that someone else will have embarrassed themselves – namely Chelsea. And if no one has then Ian Holloway will have some nuggets of honest-to-God wisdom to make me chuckle.



4 thoughts on “003: Liverpoop

  1. Ah, football. Although I love it, although I support a team, whenever someone starts bleating on about their footballing woes… this: :p

  2. Shit. That wasn’t supposed to embed itself! Sorry, Steve. I wouldn’t worry, though – Hodgson’ll be gone by morning anyway.

  3. @dmosbon Agreed. And from the chatter on Twitter it’s looking like it might have already happened.

    @SamBill Ha! I think the same whenever someone, and myself, uses ‘we’ but it really is the easiest way.

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