Halo is my particular poison when it comes to multiplayer shootery. I played Halo 3 to death and made a lot of friends online, even convincing some IRL friends (losers) to join me. So I generally play with two of my best friends, who are both flat mates in my local town.

The more we played the better we got, and we got pretty decent on Halo 3, even following the MLG circuit where 15 year olds are idolized for their inhuman reactions and well drilled teamwork. But it’s bloody exciting to watch, especially when you get to know the players and actually follow a team. We’re getting addicted to Reach in the same way, pursuiung challenges every day, comparing our commendations, and waiting for the launch of the new season of MLG.

The only drawback to this Bungie love-in is that sometimes it can lose its fun. We get angry when we don’t win. We get angry when we don’t hit our personal bests. But tonight Damo and I headed away from matchmaking and into co-op campaign and had an absolute giggle. We weren’t going for an achievement or a challenge we just did it for fun.

We shot each other more than the covenant, racking up a stupid amount of betrayals. Attempted splatters in forklifts, they didn’t work, and managed to make a Warthog go where it really shouldn’t. I laughed more in this hour of play than I have in a week of matchmaking. No stringsĀ attached, just simple fun, what games were made for surely.

I’m going to try and make this a common event because I need to get gaming back to its roots. Modern gaming, brilliant as it is, sometimes gets itself lost behind leader boards, achievements, stats and bloody Twitter integration*.

*He says as he gets ready to tweet and facebook this post while checking his views**.

**The whole asterisk thing may be inspired by Ian Dransfield’s blog, even though he nicked it off of my main inspiration: Terry Pratchett.

5 thoughts on “004: GAMES ARE FUN!

  1. Reach’s multiplayer is light years better than anything Bungie have implemented before, being able to incorporate your whole party into playlists, taking the campaign experience online, heck even score attack against grunts is just a tonne of fun. With all the collectible medals, commendations and armour there is so much to get out of it now, it will be interesting to see what they come up with for their first next title.

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