007: The First Filler

This post is going to have to be a little bit of a filler I’m afraid as it is my good girls celebration of her quarter of a century. We went to town where I bought a new jacket from River Island. What a romantic, I know. Then we went for lunch and had cake. Shopped out we retreated home for an afternoon beverage and a dark chocolate jaffa cake binge while I got angry at the football. Again, how romantic.

But don’t panic people, we’re just off out for a nice meal and then we’re meeting up with my cousin for drinks and giggles and something he has labelled BUFFET BONANZA! I’m equal parts excited and scared. I shall take pictures and post about it in great length tomorrow.

I should have planned ahead and made a post up for today but it’s only my first week so let me off, yeah? In the meantime, distract yourself with this:


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