008: Bank Robbers and Football Managers

I’m a little gutted that I’m typing this today and not yesterday when it was supposed to be written. I had an ides, started the draft about 2 in the afternoon and then the door went and I was greeted by a somewhat distraught cousin. He woke today (yesterday) to find out his bank had been completely drained. All his rent for the coming month and all his money for living. Completely gone.

I made sure he had called the bank and his landlord. He had. Now it’s just a case of wait and see. We hope that they have managed to stop the transfer before it reached these fake Barclays accounts, meaning that the return of the money will be easy. If they haven’t then I have no idea what will happen.

It’s just a complete kick in the balls, especially as he was planning on going back up to Glasgow on Thursday to get back to work and Uni, now he’ll have to wait and see if has the money. What really gets me is the hopelessness of it all; there’s no one you can point at, no one to punch. Just some random person sitting in a random place robbing people of their money in fucking January of all times. Horrible, horrible people. Or is it the websites fault? Should they not have better security against this? Ugh.

So I told him he could come down here for the day and we would watch films and have fun, keep him distracted. And that’s what we did. We watched Where Eagles Dare and Road Trip – odd pairing, right? – as well as some Sky+ nonsense.

We also played lots of Football Manager, which I haven’t played for around 8 years or so, and boy it’s impressive. He’s been trying to get me hooked for so long but I’ve always said no for some stupid reason. We’re currently reshaping Liverpool from the ground up and have signed some quality young players. It’s not your standard two player game but with a good film on and a selection of snacks it’s actually great fun.

So that’s how I lost last night. It’s not something I plan on doing again but it was necessary. Don’t lose faith in me yet.


5 thoughts on “008: Bank Robbers and Football Managers

  1. That’s not on that. I’ve only had £30 taken out of my bank account, touch wood, but my bank phoned me the same day to ask if it was me. They said it was a card payment for mobile phone credit, and that’s what the scammers do first, make a “small” purchase and then build their way up. Turned out, after a bit of Google searching, it was because I’d used my card at Cex.co.uk and a lot of people had the same problem. Most places online, if they have the option, I pay via Paypal now and that comes straight off my card anyway.

    Hope he gets it sorted anyway.

  2. Sorry to hear about Scott’s shitter of a day. You defo did the right thing, me ol’ chummer. Hope he gets it all sorted soon – fingers crossed.

    But still. Even if you blog every day from now until the end of the year, you’ll know in your heart of hearts you didn’t make it. Woes. :/

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