009: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

I’ve just completed Assassins Creed: Brotherhood and what jolly good game it was. The story went a little haywire near the end but the vast majority of it felt so improved upon it’s predecessors’, which I am a huge fan of. Besides all the improvements on combat, exploration, story, all of which will be detailed in my up and coming review, Ubisoft managed to improve on one little thing that made the game so addictive: Collectibles.

I remember trying to collect all the flags in Assassin Creed: The Altair Years, but it was just so tedious. Assassins Creed: The Italian Job improved upon this by opting with the less is more strategy, but most people would still have to go through the arduous process of looking through a map on their laptop or personal computer.

Now in Assassins Creed: Ezio’s Second Coming you can buy maps from the shops that detail where all the flag, treasure and feather locations are. Cheating you say? Possibly, but most of the maps aren’t available until later on in the game and by that time I already had bagged quite a few of the buggers myself. Alongside this you can buy everything in the game bar predestrians and trees. Well, not that much but it’s still A LOT. These shops and tourist spots improve your tri-hourly revenue as well as up the little percentage in the top left hand of your map that today hit 100%.

Fable 3, Red Dead Redemption, Godfather 2 and now Assassins Creed have been the 4 games in the last year that I’ve just had to complete. I don’t know what it is, just knowing that there’s something out there that I don’t have sends me to the internet with a notebook and a twitch. Even though I have 100%’ed (how do you write this?) Rome I still haven’t got all the custom weapons and treasures. And I want them. Badly. There’s no achievements to gain, just the enjoyment of the world and my own personal satisfaction, and lately that’s been more important than any achievement point.


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