012: Unfashionably Late To The Party

I stayed up way too late last night, so late that it quickly become the morning, and not just the 1am morning, the actual “Ah, I need a bowl of cheerios?” stage of the morning. I had a good reason though, and that was Misfits. I have heard good things about this Channel 4 show for some time but for some reason it had just escaped me. The story sounded odd, like a strange UK version of Heroes, a show that I gave up on after a good first season. And I just didn’t watch much broadcasted TV, preferring to stream or pick things up on DVD to watch at my leisure.

But last night I bit the bullet and started watching it on youtube’s 4oD page. I planned on watching a few episodes before bed but I kind of stayed up until 7am watching the entire fucking season. What an idiot, but it’s a testament to how good the show is.

It’s uncompromisingly British. It has interesting, contrasting characters that generate actual affection. And it’s refreshing! Refreshing is good. We need it in the often stale world of British TV. I enjoyed all the episodes with only the last episode being a little bit of a drag (minus the dramatic ending) but it was episode 4 that amazed me. When you’re dealing with time travel you have to be careful not to make it too unbelievable, not to ruin it with glaring plotholes, but the entire show dealt with it reasonably well, allowing you to suspend your belief and really get drawn into what’s happening.

I loved the way the characters paths crossed throughout the repeated travelling introducing more depth and revealing what really happened to them without resorting to basic flashback episodes and wasting too much screen time. That was the episode that cemented the show as a must-watch for me. If it was not so good then maybe it would have got to bed at a roughly reasonable time. No, it would still be unreasonable.

I’m actually left a little angry that I put off watching it for so long. It’s great that I can watch 2 seasons in a few days but I do feel a little out of the loop when it comes to chatting about it with friends and online. It’s something that I do with everything besides gaming. If something is hugely popular then I often find myself shying away from it. Not in an “Im too cool for that” kind of way though, not sure why I do it. I need to stop it.


3 thoughts on “012: Unfashionably Late To The Party

  1. Ha ha. Glad you’re as impressed as I was. Started watching season 2 last night but I was too knackered after the night before.

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