15. Anybody seen my mind?

Had a rough night last night. Got very little sleep and today I have paid the price. I tried to get work done but my head is not present. I ended up giving up and played some Halo with some friends. I was surprisingly good. But anyway, that’s not what’s important. I have basically lost a day. I hate it. No matter how much caffeine I consume my brain just does not compute anything, hence this garbled nonsense on the page.

I’ve been the same for the past week, even the whole year. I need to get my head back into a routine. Here’s a lit of things I need to do:

1. Attain a regular sleeping pattern. If I am going to be up late then try using this little site I found on Reddit. It tells you when you should sleep to get up for a required time. Sounds stupid but it works with the principle that waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle will make you feel like, well, this.
2. Consume healthier things. Last year I thre myself into cooking and managed to get a good base of knowledge. For Christmas I got an entire new set of pans and a fancy wok. I’ve yet to use them. Cut down caffeine, drink more water etc. all come hand in hand with this.
3. Use my time more productively. If I succeed in 1. and 2. then this one should be easy. If not then I’ll be back on square one.

Tomorrow will see me less depressed, more healthy and thus more productive. Which means a better post than this.


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