19: iHate iTunes

Hating iTunes is nothing special, I’m sure everyone loathes it or has not loathed it at some point. I struggled along with it for too many years thinking it was the only option when syncing my iPod.

Then I discovered MediaMonkey, a free to download program that you can use to manage your music and sync your iPods. It’s simple, customisable, easy to navigate – just better, really. But if you want to burn more than a certain number of CD’s or rip music then you’ll have to go Gold and subscribe. Something I don’t do, preferring to use Windows Media Player to do that old fashioned stuff.

The iTunes store is a bit of a loss of course, but with so many other download places about you can live without it. I almost downloaded iTunes again to buy an unknown Canadian hip-hop album as that was the only link on his site. Did a little digging and Thank God I found it on Amazon for £6.99. Phew.

With the likes of Amazon and… other shops (I haven’t really researched this. It’s late. Oh, and Bandcamp. I love this site. Artists can share their music on the site and people can go buy it or even just play the entire albums. I’ve got so much good hip-hop off of it through lesson6. If you know where to look you can find so many free albums and demos from up and coming artists, and not just hip-hop. Where was my point? Oh yes) why do a lot artists and bands still only list iTunes?

There’s better out there.

Oh, and I don’t do podcasts so I don’t miss that. MediaMonkey manages it, though. I should get sponsored.


4 thoughts on “19: iHate iTunes

  1. iTunes doesn’t track music purchases either, so if you download an album and accidentally delete it, you can’t download again for free, you have to buy it again. This isn’t the case with Amazon.

  2. I think nothing epitomises the pc-mac divide better than attitudes to iTunes. For mac users, it a piece of software that Just Works(tm), does everything it’s supposed to do, and does it well. This might be hard to believe for pc users who see it as a clunky monstrosity that Just Doesn’t Work(tm) the way Windows software is supposed to. As a mac user my only gripe with it is that it’s become bloated over the years as more functions have been added – it needs rationalising to sort out the app store, iBook store, etc. But as a media library and player, it Just Works(tm)!

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