20: Spoken words an’ That.

I’d like to say that I have a love for spoken word but I don’t. I have a love for the few spoken word artists that I have come across but I haven’t bothered to research new ones or see anyone live.The first time I ever encountered someone was on a briefly lived music and poetry show called One Taste. And the artist was Polarbear (Twitter: @homeofpolar).

There’s more on his Youtube page as well as his site.

From that same show, and the same show as Polarbears rendition of Jessica, I discovered Inua Ellams. He is very different in style but brilliant, none the less.

What made me dredge up my interest was the new internet phenomenon, George Watsky, and his almost three million viewed video, Pale kid Raps Fast.

Now I like hip-hop and I appreciate his speedy delivery, near perfect pronunciation, and the personality he displays. Now imagine how happy I was to discover that not only does he have an album out but he also is a bit of a slam poetry God, as you can see from his other youtube videos, like this one below.

Hope some of you enjoy this.


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