21: LAN (Laughter And… N something)

I’ve got a LAN on the 9th of February and it could not come sooner. Last one I had was in the Summer and it was a blast. It’s not going to be on the same scale as some of my friends recent ones – My friend Callum hired out a gym hall, it was ridiculous – but the fact that it’s local and we’re all friends makes it all the better.

I think there’s eight people coming and possibly six TV’s and Xbox’s, all set up back to back down the middle of my mate’s flat. Halo Reach will be the main game, with L4D, FIFA and a bunch of arcade games being played as the night goes on. Throw in large amounts of food, a big take-away order, and a few crates of beer then you have a good day.

I drank a little too much last time, something I am definitely not doing as there was nowhere to sleep and recover, making for an unpleasant morning. So this time I’m planning to sober up and stay up all night until the bus home. Should be more fun that way.

I think the funniest thing we did last LAN was creating different tags for each game. They were based on movies, games, each other, and they were all very infantile. But that’s why we were laughing, of course.

Anybody else have any LAN days on the cards? Any funny memories?


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