22: Kill With Unbelievable Tekkers



The demo dropped onto the marketplace with a mighty thud, causing explosions to erupt all over the world as people rushed to their Xbox’s to see if Cliffy’s hype was validated (as long as it’s better than Gears of War 2).

I downloaded it in record time and jumped in to be greeted with a barking, foul-mouthed, bearded, muscle-bound space pirate. He Showed me the game mechanics and it’s many skill kills before firing through a quick synopsis of the story. That alone should sum up what we have here.

And I really don’t mind.

It’s as balls through the wall as the trailers portrayed it. My first run through was great fun, I was happy with it. Then I saw the score and saw my only friend listed ahead of me. “One more go?” The question was not needed as I was already nailing my first phyco to the wall after wrapping explosives round his neck, grappling him towards me then booting him to his fate.

It’s fast, hectic, surprisingly beautiful, and very possibly hopelessly addictive. My third run-through presented more skill kills and combos, and I just wanted more guns and levels to play with. The only worry is will the levels be customisable enough to make multiple play-throughs fun? Even if they aren’t the online should make up for it. All I know is I’m now excited for Bulletstorm. Sorry, BULLETSTORM!!


1 thought on “22: Kill With Unbelievable Tekkers

  1. Super-duper mega-fun. I had an absolute blast playing with Defmash and Tommy earlier, even though we were in separate games! This just got added as a preorder. Hopelessly addicted, even though I’m still working it out.

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