I was on a good productive streak today. I put up two posts for lesson6, found something for the Lazy Sunday post, started a review and found my next review, but then I stumbled onto Reddit. What a mistake. And through a comment on a post I found a sub reddit called /redditsotries.

This has links to amazing stories from comment threads, entire threads, or even other websites. Obviously you have to wonder how many of them are real, and checking the further comments will always show someone crying “fake, but I’m an optimist and I like to think that these great acts of kindness and laughter are actually true.

Although there are many that I have read and enjoyed, the one that gripped me the most was an account of someone’s complete lack of justice and his resulting time in the American prison system. And it was’t even from Reddit!

Be prepared when you click this link, as it is very, very long: How I went to prison, escaped, got caught, and rescued a kitten.


One thought on “24: Y U NO LET ME WORK?

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