25: Foot The Ball!

I think I have a serious problem. I only used to do it the odd time and even then it was only if there was nothing better to do. I usually always did it on the weekends though, sometimes with friends. But now I find myself doing it at all the time, every time there’s a window of opportunity then there I am. Even when there is no chance I’m talking about it and thinking about it. Jesus…

When did football become so important to me?

I supported Rangers as a kid, still do when they’re in Europe and in the Old Firm, but I got tired of the SPL and all the local bullshit you got from both sets of Old Firm supporters. Then I enjoyed my time as a casual supporter, just enjoying football and falling in love with the premiership. Over time I started feeling a bit of a connection with Liverpool. Watching their games every chance I could, following the scores on sports websites when I couldn’t.

It’s only in the last year that I’ve blossomed into a full blown addict. Now I actively follow transfer periods, even caring about who goes where in Europe. I follow far too many football bloggers and reporters on Twitter. I stream games live on the internet, I watch a couple of games at the weekend, I watch Soccer AM and Final Score. What’s happened to me?

I already have too many passions to actively manage. Important inteclectual things like reading have been pushed aside. “I don’t have the patience anymore to just sit in silence and read” I say, for her to answer “You watched football for two hours earlier!”

All I know is I would never go back. I don’t want to be a die hard, boring fan, but I do love being a bit of a nerd about it.


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