27: Goodbye, Jess.

I’ve failed again, haven’t I? Didn’t even make it out of January. Nice one, Steve.

But I am continuing. I’m going to do 2 posts a day for 4 days to hit my number again then I’m not going to miss a day. I fucking promise. Even if the post is a picture of a dog getting hit in the nuts by a tennis ball, i will post something. I will even throw a tennis ball at my cat and she doesn’t even have nuts.

I will pursue interesting things so I can write about them, I will write earlier when I actually have the ideas instead of leaving it until 2am. I can make this stronger, faster… better.

Better than January anyway. What a shit month! I’m not going to moan about it again but I want to mention my family dog, Jess, who passed away yesterday. She was diagnosed with cancer last year and has been happy enough until this week where her health rapidly dropped. I was ready for it but it still knocked me for six. Keep remembering old memories of her, like the first day we got her and she did a massive poop on the neighbours pathway. Or the time she clean knocked me over in the snow, must have went about 3 feet in the air.

You were a great dog. My dog. Miss you, pup.


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