This week I got to indulge in a forgotten pleasure; I got to watch someone play a game in its entirety. This is something I used to do when I was young, when my elder brother would hog the controller. A few times it was because he played the scary games that I couldn’t. I mean, I could have just picked the pad up, but I’m a big wuss, you see.

I’ve never played Silent Hill or Resident Evil but I have watched them. Now we have went our separate ways I haven’t finished a ‘scary game’ since these. I tried Condemned but I just couldn’t manage it. I was scared even watching Dead Space – funny story about that, will share it another day.

But I got to watch Dead Space 2 being played by my good mate, Damo, as he was staying over for 4 nights. He beasted the game in one massive sitting and I was his old fashioned wingman Calling out the location of those nasty little bastarding Necromorphs, helping him in the frustrating puzzles, and trying to scare him in tense sections by creeping back into the living room and jumping in him. Didn’t work.

So when the next game comes out I’m either going to kidnap someone or rent myself out as a gaming wingman. What do you think?


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