The One Where I Go On About Food.

I’ve been on a bit of healthy turn recently, not since January the first, as you might expect, but halfway through that miserable mess of a month. I started the year continuing the festive bad habits of drinking and overeating, mainly due to free time and having my cousin down for the first few weeks. Still, no regrets, much fun was had.

But the Christmas debts suddenly caught me up and my lavish lifestyle was no longer an option. I decided that a budget was in order, out with the junk and in with the fruit. It’s being going really well, too. Dusted off the old veggie steamer and I’m cooking up a treat and walking every day.

Clicky for Reddit recipe

My culinary skills are reasonably solid – I can make a mean pasta dish, a tasty stir fry, an impressive meat and two veg (easy,) but I kind of hit the wall when it comes to flavouring besides the natural juices, store bough sauces, and drowning dishes in Bisto. I need a list of practical spices, herbs, and condiments that I can use on many dishes. I also really want  this cheap rice cooker as I love the stuff but I don’t make it much as I’m pretty rubbish at it. What I like about the steamer is I can throw the veg in and use the timer to plan the cooking of the rest of the meal, so the rice cooker should do the same.

I headed over to r/budgetfood to read up on recipes and advice, specifically rice dishes. It’s a great little sub with what seems like a reasonably active community. It was here where I read about rice cookers and where I’m going to ask many a question myself. I can’t wait until Thursday when I can afford some niceties and throw together some tasty meals. Go have a browse yourself or tell me your recipes, and especially check out this little Google Doc of frugal recipes, some good stuff tucked up in here.



The other half has gotten me into lomography cameras by giving me a gorgeous Fisheye 2. My only knowledge of fisheye comes from it’s use in skateboarding videos and photos, which I used to watch and look at rather a lot for someone with absolutely no talent on a board. I shot my first film while wandering the streets of the Shire on a lovely cold winters day. Out of 24 photos I managed to get 9 decent ones, so not bad for my first film. You can look at them all here if you’re interested.

Already started my second film and I’m experimenting more with different lighting and use of flash, among other things. Won’t have it processed until next month, though. Got a lovely old american camera that I’m playing with alongside my fisheye, called Keystone Everflash 3570. Catchy! It has an almighty, retina-destroying flash on it, so I’ll be keeping it away from faces. I may do a little review of it after I get the film processed, although I’ve no idea how to review a camera. More of an opinion piece.

Anyone have any experience with these cameras or a passion for analogue?