18: Yesterday? Today? Tomorrow?

I’m sorry oneaday. I’m not quitting, I’m not ignoring you, I just got distracted by unplanned plans. I promise that the rest of the weeks posts will be the best of the ever. Ever, ever.

This is today’s post, although it’s technically tomorrows, but would that make it yesterdays? I don’t know. I can’t type very well, I’m more than a little drunk, ad I bet a twelve year old girl on Halo.

Oh, and this pale kid raps fast.

P.s. Totally saw this when it had 3000 views. Thanks Reddit,


57. Wordplay

I got some Tweeps to throw some words at me. Here are the results. Oh, and thanks to all involved. I will need your help for an even bigger idea later in the week.

Billy Dee Williams – What a twat. Seriously, I hated this guy as a kid – he betrayed the mighty Han and was sleazy to his bird. I would have nutted him right there, call yourself a friend, sheesh! But, in retrospect, he is an absolute legend, so huge that I had to Google his name to work out who he was. Why was he not in any other memorable films? I flicked through his imdb list but did not see anything that triggered besides Fanboys, which doesn’t really count as he is only in that because of his one memorable film role. How confusing? Am I missing something?

Buffetmussel – Yeah, thanks Sam. I can’t work out if this is mussels served at a buffet or a giant mussel that double as a buffet? Surely the latter would be a more interesting idea? Not quite sure how it would work though. Yeah, thanks.

Commodes – Wonderful creations. Apart from the morning after where you have to go and wash them out – I have never done this by the way, which does not mean I have one under my bed overflowing all over the floor. How horrid. I would have one though if it came with full plumbing and all the stuff required to, you know, flush. But then I might as well have an en-suite then.

Peanuts – Num. I love peanuts. I don’t buy them much but often finish a massive bag when I only intend to have a handful. Besides eating them, the first thing to comes to mind is this little video:

Buddhist – Monks. I like them. I would become one if they allowed beards, alcohol, swearing and Xbox. But it looks like I might have to wait. I’m intrigued by Buddhism, I like it’s simplistic ideals and the way that the faith builds from these requiring anything from a minimal fulfilment to complete devotion. Something that other religions should take not of. Ideal’s and morals not devotion. In my opinion, anyway.

Stiletto – Fuck shoes, we’re talking knives here. Long wicked sharp bastards too. I have (had) a rather large interest in weaponry, specifically in school, often reading about them and drawing/creating my own. Especially medieval/old-and-wicked weapons, my particular favourite being the Halberd. I did like guns an’ that but I’d rather have some evil piece of steel in my hands. I don’t like the shoes.

Countryside – I live in it, and I like it. The funny thing about living in it is you take it for granted. When you just stop and look around you, taking in them much for granted snow covered hills and the open forests within five minutes walk, it really takes you back. I would feel so uneasy without these views. I love it.

50. Oh, Bullet Points Are Fun!

Whoo, fifty posts and all that jazz. Yay. Shame I’m not in a mood to celebrate, more in a mood to drink and listen to comforting music. I am doing that now.

I promise I won’t whine about money and housing but  since that’s all that’s on my mind I wont be able to coherent interesting thoughts about other, less infuriating topics.  So this is going to ramble a little bit. And probably be short (insert sex life joke here). But I will try and list some thoughts that have passed through my murky brain today.

  • Xbox needs more old-school RPG’s like Vandal Hearts
  • I need a new guitar and mic to play Rockband – sucks.
  • The Strokes are really good. Why don’t I have their albums?
  • Artic Monkeys are like the Strokes, according to a Youtube comment, might be some truth behind that.
  • Marilyn Manson’s video to Long Hard Road Out of Hell is scary
  • Scottish people call all their friend’s cunts when in the pub
  • Chocolate fairy cakes are tasty, but if you eat too many you will get toothache
  • Tumblr is fun. Should I move this blog across? Can’t decide yet.

Oh yeah, I set up a tTumblr account, check it out here.

Tomorrow will involve more cohesive thoughts and less alcohol based winging.

38. Good Morning, Sir.

This is technically yesterdays post, but I’m not counting it as late as I haven’t went to bed yet. I have been asleep, but not bed, so there.

I was reading Sean Bell’s post on Alarm Clocks this morning, while dining on a fried roll breakast, and it put me in my mind of this. The ultimate alarm clock. For those too lazy to click the link, it’s an alarm clock that is narrated by the one and only Stephen Fry. Imagine waking up every morning to his dulcet tones; how could you be in a bad mood?

At 50 quid, it is rather costly, but the 150 different messages do help add to the value. I want it regardless.

29. Barclaycard?

Everyone remember the Barclaycard advert, the one with the water slide? You know, where the curly-haired guy shoots home from the office, stopping to use his card in the supermarket. This one.

I loved that advert because it made me feel good. It made me smile. Didn’t make me get a Barclaycard but hey, you can’t always win.  So imagine my pleasant surprise when I came across their new advert this morning. They take your water slide and treble it to a bloody rollercoaster, check it out.

It’s awesome, isn’t it? An advert that is all about fun, only dropping the item in the middle and a little at the end. In fact, if you took the whole Barclaycard thing out you would have yourself a brilliant little video. Shit advert though.