27: Goodbye, Jess.

I’ve failed again, haven’t I? Didn’t even make it out of January. Nice one, Steve.

But I am continuing. I’m going to do 2 posts a day for 4 days to hit my number again then I’m not going to miss a day. I fucking promise. Even if the post is a picture of a dog getting hit in the nuts by a tennis ball, i will post something. I will even throw a tennis ball at my cat and she doesn’t even have nuts.

I will pursue interesting things so I can write about them, I will write earlier when I actually have the ideas instead of leaving it until 2am. I can make this stronger, faster… better.

Better than January anyway. What a shit month! I’m not going to moan about it again but I want to mention my family dog, Jess, who passed away yesterday. She was diagnosed with cancer last year and has been happy enough until this week where her health rapidly dropped. I was ready for it but it still knocked me for six. Keep remembering old memories of her, like the first day we got her and she did a massive poop on the neighbours pathway. Or the time she clean knocked me over in the snow, must have went about 3 feet in the air.

You were a great dog. My dog. Miss you, pup.



I was on a good productive streak today. I put up two posts for lesson6, found something for the Lazy Sunday post, started a review and found my next review, but then I stumbled onto Reddit. What a mistake. And through a comment on a post I found a sub reddit called /redditsotries.

This has links to amazing stories from comment threads, entire threads, or even other websites. Obviously you have to wonder how many of them are real, and checking the further comments will always show someone crying “fake, but I’m an optimist and I like to think that these great acts of kindness and laughter are actually true.

Although there are many that I have read and enjoyed, the one that gripped me the most was an account of someone’s complete lack of justice and his resulting time in the American prison system. And it was’t even from Reddit!

Be prepared when you click this link, as it is very, very long: How I went to prison, escaped, got caught, and rescued a kitten.

002: Inspire me, Comrades

105 people. One hundred and five. That’s a lot, for those who aren’t very good with numbers.

I was a little shocked when I first found out how many people are attempting the oneaday project. Then I was actually a little disheartened. You see last year there was only a small amount when I was involved, enough that you could keep up to date with the majority and still feel like your being read. Thus my first panic was that no one would find the good stuff, people would be forgotten and I would lose a little hope.

But those fears have been routed and now I march on (playing AoE – sorry) with confidence. This is thanks to the work of our general, Pete Davidson, and his work with the portal site and the Twitter account. These make reading the other 104 blogs relatively easy and even help secure the likes of little old me some hits from strangers and not just friends. This is good!

So when I came to write this post – a little late, yes, but it’s my Dad’s birthday – I got distracted by the main site and must have read 8 or 9 posts, all doing something a little different and massaging my creativity in varying ways. I now know that this is going to become a trend.

Leave a little bit of time to glance through our fellow comrades work, you never know what might inspire you.

Now I have to get back to conquering the AoE, God knows what the peasants are getting up to.

Weekend Musings

I’ve used ‘musings’ too much in my headers. Must use a theasuarus… thesaurus… and a dictionary. I’ve already kind-of failed my #oneaday restart, but to be fair, this has been the most brilliantly busy weekend. If only I had my Tumblr set up to email updates, then I would have been able to fire up some on-the-go photos, and the likes.


The morning was spent firing some work out before heading away to Glasgow to see the brilliantly crass Stephen Lynch. Yes, his songs are about AIDS and the likes but I love him. Highlight of the show was the amazing vocals of his friend, Joburg (David Josefsburg). We were in stitches with his first song, and thanks to the amazing YouTube, you can view THAT performance right now:

Oh, and one more video, my favourite Lynch song, D&D, again from the gig:

Great gig, almost ruined by annoying drunk ‘weegies and a woman, sat behind me, with the most guttural laugh.


After a mammoth sleep to catch up from the travelling and laughing that was Friday, it was time to write a review. Then I had to hammer through some housework before going to the pub to celebrate a birthday and watch Scotland draw (should have won) against England. I came back after 5 pints to Sarah’s brother, Kevin, who was staying the weekend. I did plan to write a quick misspelled update but I fell asleep on the couch. Damn afternoon drinking.


Kevin was still here and we had the mighty task of repairing a couch ahead of us. Thanks to his excellent craftsmanship and my stout advice we had that baby sorted in no time. A quick fry-up then we went adventuring into the countryside, first visiting a flooded quarry up in the hills, then heading to a small dam. Although I found a purple golf ball at the quarry, which was nice, the real highlight came at the dam. We found this:

This tunnel ran directly into the hillside and under the reservoir, eventually leading up a ladder to a platform in the middle of the water. We could not go that far as it was pitch black and did not want to risk breaking our legs. But next week, however, we’re taking torches and snacks as we plan to go all the way (into the tunnel that is… the stone one in the pictures).

Once Kevin left my cousin showed up for some FIFA. That passed a few hours before I had to partake in the Sunday ritual that is Skate 2 until the wee hours with Damo.

So as you can see, a very busy weekend. This week should be quieter, besides writing and gaming, so I’ll be updating regularly.  Now, to bed…

56. Lazy Sunday?

I haven’t had one, not in the slightest. Woke up at 10 and was off lifting heavy freezers and strange electrical equipment by 11. There was a purpose to the lifting, it wasn’t some kind of strange Scottish Sunday morning fitness routine. Kevin, (Sarah’s brother) and I were taking some stuff to the dump for a family friend and we even took a car and a half of junk from the flat as well, which has really freed up some space.

When we got back from the third trip I made a smashing fry up of a pile of sausages, bacon, beans, fried egg and toast. Brilliant. The copious calorie consumption and fresh air really blew the cob webs away, of which there were a few after the 4am bed.

After the feast we put some other junk, including 2 christmas trees, into the attic. We actually found a pretty nice veneer table that’s now in our bedroom. Score. Then (I know, even more, shocking) me and Sarah cleaned up some clothes in the bedroom, changed bed sheets and moved some furniture.

Tonight is going to be relaxing as I am bloody knackered. I may have a shot of Skate 2 with Damo and possibly watch a movie. Lovely.

48. The Hangover (not the movie)

Ugh. Once again I am asking myself “Where did yesterday go?” – to be fair, I did spend most of it drinking, which was regretful but fun at the same time. There was six of us in the mini pub crawl, although one did walk out in a strop, almost putting a damper on things. I came home and used the eat-and-drink-everything method of sobering up, kind of pointless when my cousin came back down and we kept drinking. Fun at the time, but I am regretting it now – especially as I lie on the couch and type this out on my shit phone.

And I’ve had this fucking song in my head all of yesterday, all night, and all this morning. Joy.

44. Cooking

I don’t do enough of it. And there really is no excuse. The kitchen’s a mess, then clean it. Ingredients are expensive, then get a new recipe.

But when I do get the bug (for cooking, not food poisoning) then I really enjoy it. Spinning around the kitchen in a mad daze, washing up, tidying, chopping, stirring, all at the same time. Usually accompanied by very loud music blasting out my Ipod speakers.

But like everything else good in my life (besides gaming) I just drift away from it. Retiring to my fort of pizza box’s and snack food.

So tonight I made a promise to cook more! I made pasta with sliced sausages, sticking with something simple to get back in the swing of things. But tomorrow I’m pushing the boat out, baby. I’m buying me a ton of mince and making chilli (which I love), then using the rest to make Shepard’s pie, or possibly lasagna. I’ve never even attempted any of the above recipes, so wish me luck. I will keep you posted with the results, as well as harassing my mum for times and tips.

Oh, and if you have any recipe ideas then feel free to link them I want me some fine cuisine!