25: Foot The Ball!

I think I have a serious problem. I only used to do it the odd time and even then it was only if there was nothing better to do. I usually always did it on the weekends though, sometimes with friends. But now I find myself doing it at all the time, every time there’s a window of opportunity then there I am. Even when there is no chance I’m talking about it and thinking about it. Jesus…

When did football become so important to me?

I supported Rangers as a kid, still do when they’re in Europe and in the Old Firm, but I got tired of the SPL and all the local bullshit you got from both sets of Old Firm supporters. Then I enjoyed my time as a casual supporter, just enjoying football and falling in love with the premiership. Over time I started feeling a bit of a connection with Liverpool. Watching their games every chance I could, following the scores on sports websites when I couldn’t.

It’s only in the last year that I’ve blossomed into a full blown addict. Now I actively follow transfer periods, even caring about who goes where in Europe. I follow far too many football bloggers and reporters on Twitter. I stream games live on the internet, I watch a couple of games at the weekend, I watch Soccer AM and Final Score. What’s happened to me?

I already have too many passions to actively manage. Important inteclectual things like reading have been pushed aside. “I don’t have the patience anymore to just sit in silence and read” I say, for her to answer “You watched football for two hours earlier!”

All I know is I would never go back. I don’t want to be a die hard, boring fan, but I do love being a bit of a nerd about it.


14: Mersey Derby Thoughts

Last season I would have grumbled at a home derby draw and although I’m still grumbling now, I’m happier than I have been in recent months. Today saw a Liverpool that was so far improved from December that it could have been a completely different team.

They attacked and pressured far up the pitch, like they did in the cup against Manchester United. They passed the ball about, made runs, linked together, they just played football. Something that’s been missing from Anfield recently. There’s still lots of issues in the defence and a few misplaced passes in the final third but with every game comes new things to focus on.

I could stress on the if’s and buts, but, you know, what’s the point? It happened. Sure, the corner Everton scored from wasn’t a corner. Yes, the ref could have stopped the ball when Kelly landed on his neck. If Agger didn’t go off the defence may have dealt with it better. There all viable arguments. Behind them however, are positives.

Youth players: Martin Kelly once again proved his quality by playing a great game in right back. For me he is much better than Johnson defensively and even showed a great attacking spirit, flying up the wings multiple times. Shelvey only had ten minutes or so but Spearing impressed with his full ninety minutes. These players can only improve with more games.

Nando: Torres is slowly getting back to being a threat. With a goal against Blackpool midweek and a number of shots on target today, one coming agonizingly close to going in, it’s only a matter of time till he starts to find the net more regularly. Goals aside, he put himself about with real conviction today, consistantly chasing down every ball.

Mereiles: He’s taken a little while to adjust to the Premiership, namely his strength in the tackles and his stamina, but today he improved in both areas, winning the ball several times and showing much more desire.

Three points would have been a god send but the team need to build upon every little positive. If they can get one or two wins going and build up some momentum then I think we could see Liverpool in a much happier position come May. All the better if we can score a few players in the Transfer window, namely a strong defensive midfielder, a pacey left winger and a proven goals scorer to partner Torres.

Here’s hoping, eh?

003: Liverpoop

Ain’t football brilliant? Not if your a Liverpool fan anyway, which I am. This season has seen some of the most turgid performances both on and off the field. The most obvious blame goes to Uncle Woy Hodgson, the newly appointed manager, who on paper looks like a worthy  replacement to Rafa. Sadly it just hasn’t worked out for him, and for us, the fans.

His signings have been flops, with Konchesky failing to wow the fans despite coming across like a decent chap. His mum openly bashing “scouse cunts” on her facebook page hasn’t really done him any help. Poulsen has just been… what has he been doing? Nothing horrible, no game losing errors, just a lack of dominance in midfield, giving the ball away regularly and failing to control the play. So just a little shit really. You can’t bash Cole too much as he was free, even thought he hasn’t done anything yet besides score a possibly offside goal last weekend.

My main issue with Hodgson is his lack of confidence that he seems to have instilled into the players as well as the fans. Let’s be honest here, the team he has is not great, but it’s not 3-1 loss to Blackburn bad. He seems to be playing them in a way that just isn’t working; dropping deep instead of pressing; and with a no-confidence Torres up front you can’t expect him to play the lone striker well, he needs support, namely another striker who can take some of the pressure away from him.

So I want Hodgson out. I worry about the damage he will do if we give him another 6 months. We need to work hard, buy in some players, and get up the table. Europe would be amazing but I know it’s not going to happen. I just want to stop any more of our top quality players leaving, but maybe that’s inevitable now. Who knows?

But, and here’s the exciting point, this is a fantastic season of football for the casual observer. Anyone can win, and everyone is losing. I’m loving it. It helps when Liverpool lose (again) that I have confidence in the knowledge that someone else will have embarrassed themselves – namely Chelsea. And if no one has then Ian Holloway will have some nuggets of honest-to-God wisdom to make me chuckle.


30. Footy Ramblings

I don’t want people to label me as some sort of ‘glory hunter’, but I only started properly supporting Liverpool about 5 years ago. If I tell people this then I normally get sneered at. I’ve always had asoft spot for them, even owning one of their shirts when I was a kid, but I was always a Rangers fan.

I still am a Rangers fan, kind of. I just got tired of the SPL and Scottish football fans. What I mean by that is the stupid arguing and bullshit you get in pubs. Especially old firm games. It’s ridiculous. If you watch one of your players almost break someone’s leg, I mean a really obvious attempt, then blame the ref and say the other player is diving, then something is wrong. I have been guilty of it but only until I see the replay. I like to watch football, enjoy it, but not fight about it. It’s fucking stupid.

This has transitioned into the Premier League as well, with people taking the piss and arguing with me. I just don’t care if you’re a Man United fan. Good for you. Don’t like your team but that doesn’t mean I don’t like you. Well, now I don’t, because you are a twat.

Anyway, moaning aside. This season I have found myself in an interesting predicament. Being a relatively new fan of the Premier League I like a lot of teams and a lot of players. This was fine when Liverpool were coasting in the top four. But now their fighting for the fourth spot I want teams that I quite like to lose. Lose badly. Especially today, I want Pompy to beat City, and I like City.

It’s a new experience for me, and I am enjoying it. Well enjoying it is the wrong word as it has been a shit season so far, but it is a tense one.

Oh, is that the time? Better get comfy, the games on in 10.