The other half has gotten me into lomography cameras by giving me a gorgeous Fisheye 2. My only knowledge of fisheye comes from it’s use in skateboarding videos and photos, which I used to watch and look at rather a lot for someone with absolutely no talent on a board. I shot my first film while wandering the streets of the Shire on a lovely cold winters day. Out of 24 photos I managed to get 9 decent ones, so not bad for my first film. You can look at them all here if you’re interested.

Already started my second film and I’m experimenting more with different lighting and use of flash, among other things. Won’t have it processed until next month, though. Got a lovely old american camera that I’m playing with alongside my fisheye, called Keystone Everflash 3570. Catchy! It has an almighty, retina-destroying flash on it, so I’ll be keeping it away from faces. I may do a little review of it after I get the film processed, although I’ve no idea how to review a camera. More of an opinion piece.

Anyone have any experience with these cameras or a passion for analogue?