Dan’s Quizgasm

Although I’m not really part of the oneaday crowd anymore – something I regret every week when I read one of their posts – I thought I’d join in with DanSTRYBElipscombe’s quiz.

  1. What is your favorite word? I’m not sure. Can I get back to you with a list when I remember them? I’ll leave you with “cat”, because it’s looking at me.
  2. What is your least favorite word? Fine. As in: “I’m fine” or “Yeah, that’s fine”. What does it mean? It’s such a lazy, unspecific word that does not sum up someone’s emotions/feelings. I hate it.
  3. What turns you on? Inspirational writing, art, music, movies, just ideas in general. If someone does something that inspires me, it makes me want to try and do that to someone else. I’m a very lazy person who could do with being inspired daily. Maybe then I’d get somewhere.
  4. What turns you off? Nasty, impolite people. It could be the simple act of not acknowledging me for holding the door open for you, or leaving stupid hateful comments on the internet, I despise them both.
  5. What sound or noise do you love? The sound of an achievement popping up on my screen. Lovely.
  6. What sound or noise do you hate? The sound of my cat clawing the door/carpet/window frame, just anything that involves my cat being a dick.
  7. What is your favorite curse word? Cunt. It has a nice pop to it. Although I very rarely use it to insult someone, it’s more of a friendly term. Which is odd.
  8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Well like others have said, I’m profession-less at the moment. Probably video editing, though. I loved what I did in college and really need to fulfil my promise of making funny things for youtube – another example of my laziness.
  9. What profession would you not like to do? Working with old people. My mum is a home help and they are godly, godly people. The things they do/see and the emotional strength they show is severely under appreciated. The same with people who work in any kind of care, really.
  10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? “The gaming lounge is over there, complete with every game/console ever created. Bar is just round the corner and it’s filled with everyone you’ve admired and respected in your life. Oh, and don’t forget: this is Heaven, we don’t do laws or hangovers. Have fun.”

So there you go. Wasn’t that fun? I really need to get into blogging again. I wish I never stopped doing the oneaday thing. *sigh*


Eats Reads and Lives

I’m slowly coming round to fulfilling a promise I made back in… January, I think; that promise was to read more often. The book I’ve been reading is a sort-of-educational yet still fun read called ‘Eats Shoots and Leaves – The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation” and I have to say that so far it’s been very good.

It should help me brush up on the English languauage, as well as getting my back into reading in general, as I have a mighty pile of books to wade through.

I also picked up the most recent GamesTM, something I have not done for about  four years now, and have been slowly working my way through that. Some of the articles are really interesting, covering the design of Fable 2, how sound is recorded in games and a discussion on ultra violence, among a few others. I’m now tempted to pick up the subscription as it’s pretty cheap and even gets delivered to my door, pleasing the lazy bugger within me.


Why do people thrive on confrontation? Whether it’s the real world or the online world, I just don’t get it. I have got in my fair amount of futile online arguments, mostly when I first started playing and actually spoke to random players in my team, imagine that! The only time I argue now is when I hear something so wrong and unjust that I have no option not to throw my spit into the wind.

Real world confrontations, on the other hand, are something I avoid. Always have done, always will do. I’m not a fan of fighting unless I have a pad in my hand, and through this I have developed a strong fight detector, always seeming to seep away into the background when I sense trouble brewing in pubs. 

But my question is simple: why do people seek out confrontation? I went down the street for toilet toll, tobacco, chocolate and Grolsch (I had a healthy tea, honest) only to be berated by twats wasting their time and petrol by standing around on the street corner. As I walked past one of them, the pack leader, said 

A’ll gee wan ae you a tenner if u kin hit ‘im on tha heed wae that baw

Ok, ok, they did not sound like that, I am not from Glasgow, but it does further my point and make me sound like an absolute gent. I stared at the afore mentioned twat as I walked past, letting him know that I was not going to react but I was not going to ignore him either. When I came wealking past on my way home he was stading there with his one large black ball in his hand. I clocked him and kept walking only to hear the ball bounce past me after what must have been a really fucking limp wristed throw. He followed with  a comment about going home to my bed or something (?), don’t really know what he was trying to convey.

Did I say anything? No. Should I have? Maybe, but my common sense clocked three of them and one of me. Although saying that, one of them could have probably dealt with me.

Why did he have to do that, though? What does he get out of it? At least in the online world trollers are looked down upon and scorned by the masses with no fear of fist based reprisal.

I don’t think I will ever work it out, but at least I’m cosy, warm, spending time with people I care about rather than cold, skint and butt fucking ugly.

#Oneaday: A New Hope

As you may have noticed, hopefully, I stopped doing oneaday articles. I felt they were becoming a hindrance, and like many others have said, I found myself sitting in front of a WP document for an hour with nothing to write.

But now I have stopped bad things have happened. I’ve lost my writing routine and now find it hard to get anything done. Which is pretty bad when I have a pile of reviews knocking at my door. So I have decided to pick up the burden of #oneaday again to get me back in the groove. But this time I’m not going to be as strict; if I have had a bad day or a busy day then I will just skip, but this will be a LAST RESORT. I promise.

I suppose the big question is, am I welcome?

57. Wordplay

I got some Tweeps to throw some words at me. Here are the results. Oh, and thanks to all involved. I will need your help for an even bigger idea later in the week.

Billy Dee Williams – What a twat. Seriously, I hated this guy as a kid – he betrayed the mighty Han and was sleazy to his bird. I would have nutted him right there, call yourself a friend, sheesh! But, in retrospect, he is an absolute legend, so huge that I had to Google his name to work out who he was. Why was he not in any other memorable films? I flicked through his imdb list but did not see anything that triggered besides Fanboys, which doesn’t really count as he is only in that because of his one memorable film role. How confusing? Am I missing something?

Buffetmussel – Yeah, thanks Sam. I can’t work out if this is mussels served at a buffet or a giant mussel that double as a buffet? Surely the latter would be a more interesting idea? Not quite sure how it would work though. Yeah, thanks.

Commodes – Wonderful creations. Apart from the morning after where you have to go and wash them out – I have never done this by the way, which does not mean I have one under my bed overflowing all over the floor. How horrid. I would have one though if it came with full plumbing and all the stuff required to, you know, flush. But then I might as well have an en-suite then.

Peanuts – Num. I love peanuts. I don’t buy them much but often finish a massive bag when I only intend to have a handful. Besides eating them, the first thing to comes to mind is this little video:

Buddhist – Monks. I like them. I would become one if they allowed beards, alcohol, swearing and Xbox. But it looks like I might have to wait. I’m intrigued by Buddhism, I like it’s simplistic ideals and the way that the faith builds from these requiring anything from a minimal fulfilment to complete devotion. Something that other religions should take not of. Ideal’s and morals not devotion. In my opinion, anyway.

Stiletto – Fuck shoes, we’re talking knives here. Long wicked sharp bastards too. I have (had) a rather large interest in weaponry, specifically in school, often reading about them and drawing/creating my own. Especially medieval/old-and-wicked weapons, my particular favourite being the Halberd. I did like guns an’ that but I’d rather have some evil piece of steel in my hands. I don’t like the shoes.

Countryside – I live in it, and I like it. The funny thing about living in it is you take it for granted. When you just stop and look around you, taking in them much for granted snow covered hills and the open forests within five minutes walk, it really takes you back. I would feel so uneasy without these views. I love it.

56. Lazy Sunday?

I haven’t had one, not in the slightest. Woke up at 10 and was off lifting heavy freezers and strange electrical equipment by 11. There was a purpose to the lifting, it wasn’t some kind of strange Scottish Sunday morning fitness routine. Kevin, (Sarah’s brother) and I were taking some stuff to the dump for a family friend and we even took a car and a half of junk from the flat as well, which has really freed up some space.

When we got back from the third trip I made a smashing fry up of a pile of sausages, bacon, beans, fried egg and toast. Brilliant. The copious calorie consumption and fresh air really blew the cob webs away, of which there were a few after the 4am bed.

After the feast we put some other junk, including 2 christmas trees, into the attic. We actually found a pretty nice veneer table that’s now in our bedroom. Score. Then (I know, even more, shocking) me and Sarah cleaned up some clothes in the bedroom, changed bed sheets and moved some furniture.

Tonight is going to be relaxing as I am bloody knackered. I may have a shot of Skate 2 with Damo and possibly watch a movie. Lovely.


Holt shit, it’s after midnight and I’m still drinking beer. Been up at a family “party” watching the Wales vs France game and partaking in some festivities. Nice way to end a stressful week. Should not have kept drinking beer though. Just feeling stressed and enjoying the release. I have fallen behind in my #oneaday articles as well, with two to do to be even. I was considering jacking it in today, on multiple occasions, but I’ve decided to give it one last throw of the dice. Who knows? If I can nail these two catch up articles, both of which I have good ideas for, then I might be back in the game.

I’ve also been playing hellish amounts of Skate 2 online, the only game my head has been able to get around this week. Today though, I knuckled down and fought my way through the AvP campaigns for a Nidzumi review. I’m on the last Predator mission, finished the Alien one (which was great) and have the majority of the Marine campaign to do – I left this because it’s too scary for me.

Considering watching a film and polishing off the remaining beers, not sure what though, I have a few I’ve not seen but might settle on something familiar. There is a ton of films that I’ve not seen from last year, a lot I’ve found from looking through Roger Eberts reviews. I won’t lie and say I’ll buy them on DVD, because I don’t have the money, I’ll probably download them then buy the ones that stand out, which knowing me will be quite a few.

Not been up to that much else this week, just deciding what to do with the whole housing thing. I think we’re going to stay here in the meantime while we try to get a house through the council. If this happens then we will save a hell of a lot of money and be under someone reliable. I would also love a garden as we have never had one. Well, we have one at the moment, but it is tiny and locked away at the back corner of a shared 4-in-a-block-flat complex so we don’t really use it.

Oh, 2 minutes to go, what to talk about. I’ve quite enjoyed this exercise, it’s perfect for this time of night when you just want to get something out there but can’t focus on an individual topic. I’ll try to not rely on them too much though, preferring to use my tumblr option, which I should have utilised these past few days. Silly me.

Shit, times up.